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Wisteria in Spring   Wisteria in Spring   Wisteria in Spring

Wisteria In Spring - here-to-for mentioned on RecientWork2012.html page
Tryptch (three panels) - each 24" X 24 - acrylic on canvas stretched over hard board - unframed
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Crossroad - Boonville

Object #6 - here-to-for mentioned on follies.html page
First Archeological Dig - American West Coast 2007
Tablet - horizontal rectangle, 6.25 x 18 x 1 inches
Relic – Historical significance

A well preserved tabloid of this ancient society of Gummy Bears whose DNA make up was that of refined sugar other than those of the modern Gummys whose markers show corn syrup. Gummy Artists from this period were known to use licorice ropes to define their creative space, here the rope is broken and interspersed with a licorice heart. Some of the most talented Gummy artists were overly sentimental, or a licorice heart suggested a sacrifice.

On the far left, five Gummy Bear deacons are shown, this indicates a piece of art commissioned by the ruling class. To the immediate right one of the most important indicators of improved relationship between the Gummys and the Animal Crackers as one domesticated licorice Scotty is face to face with an Animal Cracker Elephant. (This may represent a situation similar to that of the David and Goliath myth.) This Scotty, a representative of the Gummys, is completely surrounded by the Crackers. Below the Gummys stand in line supported on either side by a Gummy overseer. (Notice on the far left of this line two totems are shown to indicate good luck, we assume luck as the embossed relics are former Life-Savers.

Stacked at the far right of the composition, a trinity of Scottys stand on top of one another. Perhaps indicating the Clan of the Gummy Bears sense of religiosity or perhaps new ethics.

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Crossroad - Boonville

CROSSROADS - 1992 - here-to-for mentioned on paintingsMendociino.html page
(Anderson Valley, CA)
6" X 10" Oil on Formica
Shadow- box Frame in wood (Popler) overall 15" X 19"
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Succulents in Swallow Planter

Rainy Day & Blue Succulents - here-to-for mentioned on RecientWork2012.html page
24" X 24 - acrylic on canvas stretched over hard board - unframed
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Tongan Dancers

Tongan Dancers - Kingdom of Tonga - here-to-for mentioned on paintingsSouthPacific.html page
11" X 15" - watercolor w/metalic paint on 300lb Wattman paper - unframed
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above painting framed in appropriate shadow box
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Water Font

Font with Hydrangae Leaf Impressions - here-to-for mentioned on sculpture.html page
22" square vessel - seven inch deep - stained with ferrous sulfate sealed with soy resin
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