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Sometimes it is just sunshine

Sometime Sunday 2

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Posted September 24, 2018

A False Spring and Ravens

A False Spring and Ravens
"A False Spring and Ravens" – Acrylic on canvas – 48" X 24"

A False Spring and Ravens

Mister Mortal Reflects

This drawing was traced from a photograph I had taken on a walk in the fen with my friend Larry in February of this year. I became disturbed by this image and I have carried this picture in memory for seven months. This was my point of discovery; I didn't talk about it with anyone. I had to wait till June for my next visit to this area to confirm my suspicion that this experience might require a painting. This specter –– an underground riverbed breaking into sunlight with species of uncounted greens on a sun drenched stretch of sand. Notice how the arms of the advancing dunes are overtaking the line of the river, patches of life, the scraggly tree together all being overwhelmed in time by the onslaught of sand.

Drawing #1

In June I returned, brought my friend Abe along. I told him I needed to revisit this spot as I was rankled by my earlier experience and kept thinking about it. I believe we both were affected by what we saw. This point of view started the haunting about a painting on a canvas. I saw the power of it, however I didn't want to endure making this a painting but I did want to understand my feelings, that mood that persisted so long.

Dune #2

September 22, I returned to the fen on the autumnal equinox. Made my way a bit confused as everywhere the sand had shifted. Upon finding this area here is a photograph. It was like stepping alongside a slow motion train wreck. I won't paint this, but I've learned something about myself –– my dogged “stick-to-itiveness.” I already knew this about nature's.

Underground River



Altered States

I’ve been in conversations and thinking a lot about altered states of consciousness. Mainly about those not induced by food, drink or drugs. One’s like “doubt” — “hunger” — “fear.” I believe you know these and others we carry around with us daily, hourly, minute by minute. Those that cause us sadness, pain while our eyes stay open to what is real, right in front of us. A state of mind that I did not ask for or deserve. Some flights of fancy that lead me into what? From some outside influence to do something? For some subtle purpose? To raise my blood pressure? I recognize I am vulnerable to being entranced by another person. These are subtle influences, forced states of mind, that do not stand as firmly in my shoes as I do. Yes, they are entertaining, distracting, sometimes playful, they are will of the wisps. HOPE. Now that is a mystery, but those perscription drugs should be looked upon with a searing light.

What are the dues for being open?

This search may prove enlightening. Perhaps I might find the source of my confusion, my ignorance, recognize the experience before it takes hold. Those weaknesses plague me, cause self judgment to question my humanity then view another with suspicion. I may find that my self respect is power enough to not be influenced by those ideas. I sincerely hope so, but my mind does wiggle a bit even when I’m doing yoga. I am awake to those states that cause me to realize, This is an altered state of mind, BEWARE or aware. What outside purpose? I must stay vigilant for those influences that could pull me off my path. I need to recognize altered states of mind, and stand firm.

What I am sure of is when I realize I am not securely in my body, in touch with my heart, and I don’t take absolute care of it I am prone to an altered state. So disconcerting because I choose to be the only one who I will let me lead my life. I must collect the best of me to accompany me into MY future. It will not be one of the political.

An individual is simply who they are.

I recognize my ego, teasing, just out of sight. I am attempting to make it my buddy. My id, bubbling up from who knows where? Both responsible for at times steering me where the destination is questionable, where I have found embarrassment, pain, sorrow and regret, some entertainment, confusion at my powerlessness. Some of that is real, some not. My buck must stop with me.

One of these days I’m going to the fen for a walk and bring a friend on some future Sunday. Do you fancy coming along, engage in a conversation of observations? Perhaps make a self discovery or two? Listening to all that is … to differentiate what isn’t. You know –– getting down.

Hey! Reach out.



Posting July 12, 2018

Letter as good as Sunday

Flat Horizon

Sure As Sunday

"As Sure As Sunday" 12" X 24" – acryliic on canvas
James Maxwell 2016




Updated – May 11, 2018


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens - MCBG Inc. 2018

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Musical suggestion from Andrew Jordan a fan of birdhouses.

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Tree in distance

I have committed to one year exploring the Inglenook Fen for images and text uncovering my impressions much as I did with year painting The Pudding Creek.
I will update progress as I go.

I see another book in my future.


Two eBooks for you to download and enjoy.


North Coast Nocturnes eBook

Download EBook
Stories of Full Moon Along Mendocino Coast


Pudding Creek

Download Picture EBook
Illustrated account of one years painting.

I return to being busy.

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