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The Idea

DATES OCTOBER 14 & 15 and 21 & 22

Tufa is the 1780s recipe for garden sculptures of the polite English gardens of Jane Austin.
Modern day cement, sand and peat moss with bonding agents will make this modeling mud.

bas relief cat mde with tufa12" X 12" by 4" at its highest.
This hangs on my fence.

"Tommy-Cat sticking out his tongue at me"


and contact information
Supply list
two page PDF

Class in Concrete


Portrait of one eyed Boston bull terrier  


info at jasmax@mcn.org place TUFA in the subject line.


Bas-relief - nose four inches from background

Tufa portrait of Kali my neighbor's Boston with her dream of milk bones.

She is a genuine one-eyed-dog.
12" X 12"
cement, sand, and peat moss with a veneer of cement sand and bonding agent.






Two eBooks for you to download and enjoy.


North Coast Nocturnes eBook

Download EBook
Stories of Full Moon Along Mendocino Coast


Pudding Creek

Download Picture EBook
Illustrated account of one years painting.

You could send me a check for the amount of $5.00
when you like them.
pay to: James Maxwell
P.O. Box 2627
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Art in the Gardens
18220 North Hightway 1
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

My contribution as a vender Saturday, August 5th – 11AM to 5PM
Sculptures Cats and Dogs, planters (with Cat Mint and Oregano)
Vases, Fonts / water features / bird baths

and something new for me
Botanical Prints
5 3/4 inches X 15 inches
Industrial grade wood casting fibers stained for door panals, and suitable for framing.
Nasturtium leaves on the left – Japanese anemone

Detail close up

center leaf a test for one stain coating
There are two coating on the panel on the left.

Two Panels

Come on by.

Over two dozen concerts, from blues to bluegrass,
symphonies to opera, and jazz to Celtic and African,
packed into just over two weeks in July.
July 8 – 22

Festival Invitation


The Middle of April

I love a good challange. This year as for the past six or seven I've been a party to a great ongoing project. A fundraiser for our local Botanical Garden. Twenty five to thirty artists are given plywood birdhouses each year. I don't think I've ever gotten the same style twice as each birdhouse is taylored to house a differing bird, small to large, songbirds to tiny scavengers. No buzzards. I'm designing for an unknown inhabitant. So I go with my bird gut.

This year I chose leaves that speak of feathers as shingles.
But what stands out for me it is the first time I've used 23k gold on this project.

When I stepped back it reflected nicely – I saw it was not unlike a light over the bird house's front door.
I hope it becomes a happy home.

BirdHouse Face   Back Wing Roof

Birdhouse In Tree


This is coming up:

Botanical Garden's Invitation

Some of what I am showing at Art in the Gardens 2017
August 5, 11AM to 5PM
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
18220 North Highway 1

Night Flight Vase 1  

The following happened exploring an aesthetic shift as a result of a powerful dream. A first for me – in the past inspiration was awake surprising me.
So I went with this dream. I was surprised the whole time.

A tall vase – eighteen inches, five and a half inches square, carbon stained cement impressions of Japanese anemone leaves. Red enamel waterseals the interior.

I remembered a late flight back from New York, seeing cities lit up in the black of night. From that hight cities were lit as if by gold that snaked their highways into the darkness.

So I did that. Who'd have thunk.

Night Flight Vase 2

A White vase had to come next, however the gold accent had to lift it off the table. All my vases, sculptures, indoor accents pieces have a padded black cordoroy base to avoid scratching glass and fine wood surfaces.

This is a celebration piece, Wedding or Aniversary gift.

Japanese anemone has a major patch at the west end of the garden here at home.

White Vase 1


Another discovery with this work, quite different for me, is the casual, almost sporatic use of 23k gold as a decorative element. This work opened me up to other ideas that have caused the change in my interest in decoration.

Platter Detail


A sixteen century Spanish wall in Galway, Ireland had shown me an elementary stacking structure I could apply in creating a diferent pattern on a dynamic shape. That showed up while I played with a piece of printer paper for a origami bowl. However the half inch steel hardware cloth didn't want to bend as I liked and imposed it's own demands.

I am interested by what was old, now seems new.


Platter 2



Letter to a friend who has to be in charge of what is happening.

. . . . .Playing hard to get is an end in itself –– it is a political maneuver. I may not be the right thing. So when something is important. I stress REALLY important –– intending to work on that is my only choice. So why is there a hesitancy before that commitment to speak your truth? Because you know this yourself, this stand-up connection will change the course of one’s life. This is your moment to live your life, rather than leading it or having something else lead it. So, stand up and be you kid, have it, own it –– respect it then make your life to the best of your imagination. Fear is food for courage.

. . . . .Perhaps there is another breath in choices; you have been testing this method for as long as you have been alive. Sure there are those mini-vacations you took in-between classes in school, those first tries at romance filled with the importance of bumping and tickling –– moments of ecstatic life awareness when hearing a loved one has died –– or when you realized you were no longer in love, fell in love, or recognized you are just getting older. Where were you when you faced that unrecognized, implacable bully, or something that made you really afraid? Replay that moment when you recognized you were truly alive, and what you did about it. Did you speak up?

. . . . .Look around, we are in a big club This Life. There are no political leanings. Step up to the plate. Show us who you are; eat to live, and keep your eyes open. Learn to wait for that moment of WE WANT YOU! Because YOU are among the best of us.
. . . . .Show up.

. . . . .It is important that you listen to yourself not making judgments –– NONE. Listen to your inner conversation. That's it. It is in your own nut shell –– LISTENING. Let those ideas wash over you. Get to know you. Don't try to hold on to all those thoughts, they are rain on your parched earth. Let the storms pass to fill up your hollows, make puddles, create lakes from them. You can see truth in your observations from books, poems, songs, reflections of life, wisdom in great literature, movies, in conversations with friends, old people's faces, and in you. Listen. Meet each moment as if it was your very first ever, and when ready ― speak your mind and make sure that witness hears you –– clearly.
. . . . .It matters.
. . . . .This puzzle we face at this moment is incomplete without all of us taking part in the solution.

April 2, 2017 © James Maxwell



My new years resolution:
Cats, cats and more cats, also my dog, etcetera. Many more concrete ideas.

Cat Planter . . . Cat planter and succulents

"Slippers pregnant with succulents"
(price upon request)

Dog Planter facing you...Dog Planter facing west...Dog walking away

"Ol' Wrinkly Face - with perfect butt"
(price upon request)

And being a true-believer in pattern recognition that brings us to remember life =

Actual size sleeping cat sculpture printed with Japanese anemone leaves
(price upon request)

You can send me feedback.

Nasturtium Cat

Cat cleaning up the flea, printed with Nasturtium leaves
(price upon request)

Black and white cat....Black and white Cat Outside

Japanese anemone leaves, carbon stained gray concrete, white concrete veneer.
(Sculptures have bases of corduroy to protect furniture.)
(price upon request)

Tall Vase 20 inches

Side 2Side three


Side four

"Night Flight"
a vase

Five and one half inch square mouth in eighteen inch tall vase,
one quarter inch thick of carbon colored concrete.
The figure is a veneer of printed Japanese anemone leaves.

Yes, those are splashes of 22k gold leaf as light penetrating the darkness.

Vase is waterproof and coated with a red enamel.

corduroy base to protect furniture
(price upon request)

The Family Tree




Fixing the broken


I return to being busy.

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