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Summer Production into Fall

Cat and Cat nip

Cat stained with ferrous sulfide, tufa over styrofoam - Planter using tufa - Table top concrete also stained.
It is all about "Cat Nip."


Cat Planters - cat nipCat nip planters

Cat nip - Cat planter
(Planter prices upon request)


The Middle of April

Every year the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has an artist inspired Bird House fundraiser.
This year has one difference, it is very skinny. The party will be the last weekend in May.
Here's my invitation. So here is this year's baby as white as a wedding cake, a slender tree house.


Bird House Invitation

four across

Steel hardware cloth, and angle brackets attached to wooden house. Heavy gage wire bent into branches.
Foliage, hardware cloth bent and twisted, a veneer of leaves off pyracantha berry bush.
Painted with Rust-oleum, clean metal white primer.
Cement paint made with bonding agent and water, one to four.
Dry materials into liquid, Four parts white Portland Cement, one part sand.
Finished coating of white Rust-oleum.

I have been reminded that we are all a work in progress.

Shot Story - The River Of Time

"A contract like no other."
Twelve Pages.

Open to new projects.

P.O.Box 2627
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
or email jasmax@mcn.org

Early February

Commission for book cover by author Ginny Rorby to illustrate the moment in her text
when the girl who saves two Dolphins from captivity, releases them into the wild.

Request for my services in late January, drawings and revisions to painting continued into February.
First one third payment made on agreed composition, payment complete when sent to publisher.

Dolphin Sky Cover Art

Acrylic on paper.

Ginny Rorby's Dolphin Sky has had three publishing's, and three different covers, by three different artists. When the publisher released his rights back to her, Ginny decided to rewrite it, having been twenty years since it first appeared. She said she could improve it.

She needed two files from me, one for an ebook and one for a limited edition hard cover.

Ginny Rorby is a hero to many for her commitment to animal rights, and her stories of the healing possible when an animal is brought into a relationship with a human.
Her books include:
- Dolphin Sky -
- Hurt Go Happy -
Award winning
- The Outside of a Horse -
Based on multiple true stories
- Lost in the River of Grass -
Winner of the Sunshine State Young Readers award and nominated for the Truman award
- How to Speak Dolphin
- in Bookstores Now

Also here is her successful blog averaging 80,000
visits a year.


Mid January

Completion of second painting, (Refer to 2015 for first in series) work inspired in Ireland - April 2015

Water Under The Bridge II

"Water Under The Bridge II"

24 x 48 inches - acrylic on raw canvas
Down stream from Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland.
This continues my painting meditation to explore the metaphor of "Water Under the Bridge"
Letting go, Forgiveness, Cleaning up the clutter in my thinking, How I relate to life,
my painting focus now inspires a comfort, a relief, much like an opening from a murky passage.
Image inspired in April 2015 on my way to Connemara, Ireland.
Painting process throughout December 2015, brought to completion in mid January here at home in California.
I believe I'll continue to see water and its properties in a whole new light.

Early January

Contacted to commission painting October 2015.
Initial conversations for media and size by phone and email, concerns expressed,
price agreed upon - two payments, one third down payment.
Location, pose, support photographs provided by commissioner.
Initial drawing to lock in composition, also point of commitment for first payment.
Approximately two months to bring work to completion.
Face to face meeting to make last minute changes.

Portrait of a Child
color more true to experience of painting

A Two Year Old Beauty
compositional drawing - graphite on paper

Portrait of Six Year Old Beauty

Portrait of Six Year Old Beauty

A Two Year Old Beauty

Portrait of two year old girl
12 x 16 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

Painting – gesso, acrylic gel and paint on stretched cotton canvas.

I return to being busy.

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Recent Work 20202019 - 2018201720162015201420132012

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