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Biography: Lydia Rand was born in Paris and has always been an observer of life and people, forever taking notes. The Edition St Germain-des-Prés published her first book of poetry in French. She met her lover, (later and still her husband) – an American – in Spain. With other close friends, they went around the world for a year of adventurous traveling in a VW bus, starting in France and ending up in Nepal where they sold their van to return home. In the mid-sixties Lydia and her husband settled in Aspen, Colorado. In the seventies, with their two daughters, they moved to Mendocino, California. Lydia began writing in English and local presses published two books of her poetry. She also worked in the Poetry-in-the-School program. A son was born.

Lydia’s work appears in numerous anthologies, journals and magazines; she also participates in many poetry readings, has hosted a writers’ retreat in France and a poetry series in Mendocino. Lydia’s friends know her as someone who takes them on wild and wooly adventures and declares, when she loses her way, “Don’t worry. No one is ever really lost. We are always somewhere on the planet.” She will tell you that she enjoys getting lost because it starts the process of finding herself, and writing about it.

See other samples of Lydia Randl's work as the stories editor of Mendocino Stories - where you may purchase The Many Faces of Subud, by Lydia Rand with the collaboration of Lillia Davidson and Rasunah Katz, Edited by Ilaina Lennard.


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