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Our writers group is composed of four members from Mendocino County in California; it has been meeting since 2000. The weekly 10 a.m. gathering began as a readers group focused on one book, but we found out fast that we were more interested in each other than in the book. That year we began presenting our own work: poetry, essays, and short stories. There have been changes in the participants, one died, others dropped out.

We have visiting authors as well; they contribute when it is their turn. Each person presents a hardcopy for a creative overview and line editing as that participant reads his work to us..  We sit at a round table overlooking a slow-moving creek, indulging in strong coffee and pastries as we each take our turn, and continue listening. We feel we are finished with the meeting when the last presenter has received feedback; we usually conclude by 1:00 p.m..

Three steadfast members from the get-go produced this anthology of stories, Along the Way.

Please contact us and tell us about your writers group

As we promote this book, there is new work in front of us to write and discuss. We are back at the writers group weekly, doing that work as well as taking care of book business.

Maria Goodwin, editor for Along the Way, is at work on her memoir with the group. Maria, a freelance editor and writing doctor, writes professionally for magazines and newspapers. Her editing expertise brought her to our attention. Her skills as a writer fit into our group's need to exchange meaningful stories. She currently is quite focused, busy remembering growing up in San Francisco. She says, "My face hurts from all the smiling."

James Maxwell, project manager and an author of Along the Way, is a graphic artist/designer, fine artist and sculptor. James has returned to his novel, dusting it off after five years of rest. While in the group, he has completed a suite of short stories, a number of published articles related to his art and travel experience, and a screenplay. James has three non-fiction books on concrete as a fine art medium, and is close to pitching them to a publisher. He is a events planner and web-publisher for Mendocino Stories - a Mendocino, California online community of artists.

Lydia Rand, an author of Along the Way, has written another book published by Xlibris, The Many Faces of Subud, by Riantee Lydia Rand, with the collaboration of Lillia Davidson and Rasunah Katz, edited by Ilaina Lennard. She is the stories editor of Mendocino Stories - where you may purchase The Many Faces of Subud. Lydia has returned to work on her novel concerning a secret within her family, Entre Nous. She is instrumental in Mendocino's poetry events, and frequently organizes poets to present their work. At such popular events, she performs her own work as well.

Skip Wollenberg, an author of Along the Way, an environmental geologist, writes reviews on local timber harvest plans, letters to the editor of our newspaper reminding folks there is a level headed approach to local politics. He may say he is retired but doesn't behave that way. He is compiling his short stories encompassing military, and work related experiences: collection of work that shows one man's personal relationship with nuclear energy and the impact it has had on his life.

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"This collection is an unexpected delight . . . and for what it's worth
the book itself looks great. Good luck with it."

- Lowell Cohn

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