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Our writers group is both crucible and sounding board; it serves the writer’s voice to make peace with each writer’s ideas, and put them to rest on paper. We have a purpose. We want the truth, whatever it looks like. No molly-coddling, no shilly-shallying, we want our ideas down there and we want them to stand the light of day. Two hours, every Thursday, we meet, talk, and share what we’ve been writing at a round table overlooking a slow-running creek. We greet our creativity over strong coffee and pastries; writers and visiting guest authors, committed to our common cause.

If it hadn’t been for the people we have met or loved along the way, we couldn’t be storytellers; we thank them all.

In Along the Way there is the invisible presence in our group, editor Maria Goodwin. Mother Maria, as she is often referred to, is our book’s midwife. We think of her more as General Maria at the prow of the ship guiding us across a tricky publishing river, the bible of The Chicago Manual of Style under one arm. She is devoted to the reader; sometimes we forget that need, we slip now and again, indulge our ego’s babies. We need her, and appreciate her contribution.

Finally, we thank a founding member of our group, Patricia Flynn. A retired ethics professor and murder mystery enthusiast, her presence for six years cemented the direction to get our work published. “Don’t dismiss the reader’s intelligence,” she often lectured. So committed to our work, she hosted the group from her deathbed three weeks before her passing.

We are, in essence, grateful.

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